5 Tips to Keep Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

Keeping kids entertained on a road trip is not only beneficial for the drivers’ comfortability, but it is also essential for the safety of all the passengers on board.  Driving while distracted can be extremely dangerous, and statistics show that nearly 25 percent of accidents occur while drivers are distracted by backseat passengers.  Here are some tips that drivers can use to keep kids entertained in the vehicle and decrease their chances of having an accident.

1. Utilize Technology

Although a driver should avoid using any technology while driving, use of technology by passengers can prove to be a valuable tool to keep kids occupied.  One of the most prominent technology tools are video display devices that will allow viewers to put in movies and even play video games while you focus on driving.  Most newer model vehicles may come equipped with video monitors and DVD players, but they can also be purchased at a number of retailers.


It is important to remember that if the driver is setting up these devices then they should be set up before driving or while stopped and parked as to avoid becoming a distraction.  Also, having passengers use headphones is a smart way to limit noise.

2. Pack Snacks

Kids can easily work up an appetite, especially during long car rides.  Snacks are essential to keep kids entertained and content and could also eliminate some stops on your road trip.  Some healthy and convenient snack options are: pre-sliced veggies and fruits, trail mix, homemade fruit snacks, popcorn balls, and bottled water.

3.  Bring Reading Material

Watching TV can get boring too after a long trip.  Books can easily entertain kids while also being educational.  Older kids may enjoy series like National Geographic for Kids, or Harry Potter.  Picture and interactive books like Press Here or one of the Scanimation books are great for younger children while audiobooks are an easy source of entertainment for all ages.

4. Pack Toy and Activity Kits

Creating separate kits of toys and activities for each child is a smart way to keep kids from fighting with one another.  Sometimes it is even a good idea to keep the kits identical to avoid children from fighting for items from another child’s kit.  Examples of toy and activities that could be packed are: coloring books and crayons, puzzle books, hand held games, or travel games like Trip Talk Box of Questions.

5. Schedule Breaks

Riding in a car for a long period of time can make anyone tiresome, so it’s important to schedule breaks for the bathroom or to simply stretch.  Marking where the rest stops are before you start your trip is a good way to prepare in advance.  Stretching at a rest stop is important to reduce stress and increase comfortability for the duration of the ride.  Walking around is one way to stretch out your legs but there are also specific stretches that target areas of the body that are affected the most by car trips.


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